Experimental art place in Kyiv

In its time, Otel’ has been called an experimental space. And since its beginnings, a lot of experiments were indeed conducted, but what recently started has been the most dreadful to date — war. The space whose walls witnessed so much emotions and experiences was integrated into the defense of Kyiv and became a part of this indomitable gathering of human unity, in order to protect our right to exist, our right to live

From the very start of the resistance, volunteers have been doing Molotov cocktails within the premises of Otel’ for the defense of the city of Kyiv in the fight against the invaders. While getting visits from foreign journalists during breaks, Otel’ never stopped its activities in the fight, adding the use of all its available space and capacities to meet the volunteers’ needs, to provide warehouse organization and storage, to ensure the effective loading and unloading of products and merchandise to serve the needs of volunteers, of the territorial defense, and so on

During this time, debts have mounted for unpaid utility bills. Now, to further continue our advance on the road to victory, Otel’ needs your support. Together with the ticketing platform OTTRY we are releasing the sales of a limited number of tickets with which you will be able to visit any event that is held in the future. The tickets will be available in the form of QR codes in your inbox. This will allow the space to function further and bring our victory closer
Bank account details are also available for helping directly

Privatbank 4149609005221512
Monobank 5375411500228965
Paypal fogplayer@gmail.com

LINKTREE https://linktr.ee/otelkyiv



On February 24 Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since then, Russia has been destroying Ukrainian cities and killing Ukrainian people. According to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, more than 2000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed during the first week of the war. The actions of the Russian government are so horrific, that on March 2 The International Criminal Court in The Hague has started an investigation of The Russian Federation’s war crimes.

Vladimir Putin’s threats of nuclear weapon use cannot leave anyone indifferent, regardless of nationality or country of residence. We, the representatives of the music community, see the actions of Russian promoters, DJs, and artists, who keep on holding events and performing, while the military of their country is bombing our cities. We are also observing how our Russian colleagues, including those with the most status and the biggest platforms on an international level, express a lack of concern and pretend not to notice the situation.

We, the representatives of the Ukrainian music community, are asking you to not stay aside, and to fight against Russian aggression together with us. We urge you to:

  • Cancel all cooperation with Russian artists, promoters, clubs, organizations, who do not actively resist the actions of their government and do not explicitly take action to stop the Russian military invasion of Ukraine;
  • Demand that every citizen of The Russian Federation takes to the streets to protests against the war in Ukraine, or resists silently by boycotting his/her job, and sabotaging Russia in any other possible way;
  • Remove all representatives affiliated with the Russian state from the supervisory and advisory boards of your organizations;
  • Refuse any donations, funding or sponsorship from Russian organizations and their affiliates based in other countries.


You can also support Ukraine in the following spheres:

If you are located in Ukraine, you can find ways to help → here
If you are located abroad, you can find ways to help → here

We are sincerely grateful to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to every soldier, every volunteer, every activist, every person who helps to defend our home and fights for us to be able to live in freedom and peace.

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